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Time & Cost Saving for Build A Brand

At Siloran, you can build a competitive cosmetics brand with turnkey service and guidance under one roof.

Hot Lip Gloss & Lipstick We Supply

In addition to a wide options of trendy colors and hot shades, organic ingredients and fancy sets are available to boost profit and brand identity.
Lip Gloss
Liquid Lipstick
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Lip Liner
two pink color lip gloss
some lip glosses in different color
some lip glosses in different color
piles of lip gloss
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liquid lipsticks
a liquid lipstick with white tube
solid lipsticks

Robust Competence to
Fulfill Your Ideas

Assisted companies and entrepreneurs to flourish in their cosmetics business.

High Margin Choice

Competitive price directly from factory. Trendy formula with one-stop package solution to save money and improve profit possibilities.

Pollution-free Guarantee

Manufacture with purified water and vacuum system in a certified, pollution-free clean room.

Top-notch Ingredients

Vegan, natural and paraben-free while effective ingredients from branded suppliers.

Turnkey Solutions

One stop solutions are available for you to brand your products, including private label or contract manufacturing.

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    Unlimited Possibilities for Your Business Target

    Apart from white label services, we also provide indepth formula and package solutions that make your brand exclusive and hard to replicate.

    Various colors are made for you to choose from, such as classical red, trendy nude, alternative black, etc.








    Can not find the color you want? Customize as your requirement.
    A spectrum of classic lipstick shades that certain styles the masses can’t get enough of.





    The lipsticks can be made with food-grade materials like organic beeswax,and even added with
    waterproof and long-lasting features for your goals.


    Long Lasting



    Lipstick packaging is available in several forms whatever size, set, pattern, material, and container you want. What’s more,
    your brands logo and label can also be customized on them.

    Single Tube

    Box Set

    Logo Print

    Various Pattern

    Lipstick Inspirations for Brand Like Yours

    We are trusted by more than 1000 makeup small and mega businesses who are provided with customized lipsticks that make their brand stand out.

    Flexible Solutions for Your Goal

    To make sure you hit the ground running without hassle, all-in-one solutions are provided to help your busy business thrive.

    Startup Business

    White label with the tested and proven products. Popular for ecommerce, influencer and startup business and so on.

    Growing Business

    Suitable for brand owners, growing and mega businesses who want to start a new product line with indepth customizatin abilities.


    Available for growing and mega-businesses who want to start a new product line with indepth customizatin abilities.

    Our Capabilities

    At Siloran, you can build a competitive cosmetics brand with turnkey service and guidance under one roof.

    In order to make your product line hard to replicate and provide trend-setting formulas that attract a wide audience, our innovative R& D team focuses on developing high quality, efficacious products using a broad range of natural and organic ingredients.

    A team of designers elevate your branded products with trendy looks & graphics beyond packaging and labeling. Discover more about Siloran package service.

    makeup products manufacturing process

    With automatic systems, the whole process from ingredient to complete product is efficient & pollution-free.

    hand holding a lipstick in the lab

    Best-in class ingredients with finer particles and high pigment and run them through a series of inspections. Start manufacturing your cosmetics with premium quality.

    GMP Manufacturer You Can Trust

    Nowadays, the cosmetics industry is competitive. With the right supplier, you’ll benefit from a lucrative, easy-to-manage new revenue stream that promotes client loyalty and raises the profile of your business.

    To ensure your product is safe and effective, we compliant our manufacturing process with international standards. Moreover, we value long term partnerships with you and are committed to exceeding your expectations with professional cosmetics products and solutions.

    Your Trustable Makeup Supplier

    Following international standards at all levels, Siloran gets certification in factory management and premium products.

    Launch Your Own Beauty Brand Now in Reach

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