Why Siloran

Make Private Label Cosmetics Easy for You

Mature products lines and service is established to fulfill your order smoothly with over decades of years in the cosmetics business.
21 Years of experience
Expert Assistance
Persistent Supply
Bring Value for You

We Understand Your Need Better than Anyone

Avoid the risky and expensive hassle of creating makeup brand products from scratch. With 31 years of manufacturing experience in the industry behind them, Siloran solutions are already honed and optimized to deliver impressive results.

Specialist Assistance in Every Section

Development chemists, skillful workers and designers with extensive experience are here to help your cosmetics brand launch smoothly and successfully from creating innovating formula, to inspecting in details before delivery. If you have any special requirements, leave it to us and we will maintain a great experience.

Persistent Supply for Your Business Success

Different from a one shot business, we value long-term partnerships. Once you place an order here, we can provide a quicker turnaround time for your business in the next time.

Creating Value for You is Our Final Goals

Never settle on just a cosmetics manufacturer that supplies products for you. What we really want is to help you achieve your cosmetics business goals and even your customer can enjoy the makeup with beauty performance.

In such case, we always keep on doing research for better formula and developing eye-catching package design for your long term business success.

Your Trustable Makeup Supplier

Following international standards at all levels, Siloran gets certification in factory management and premium products.

Launch Your Own Beauty Brand Now in Reach

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