Research & Development

Your Formula Can Be

Formulas can be customized and work safely while preserving with a good shelf life.
Vegan Friendly
Organic Ingredients
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free

Where Innovative Formula Comes From

Well-equipped Lab
Trend-setting Ingredients
Dedicated Team

Clean Lab with Cutting-edge Equipments

To discover the right component for the formula, our lab remains clean with a series of latest researching equipments for developing and customizing formulas, including digital homogenizer, high-shear emulsifier, centrifuge, electric incubator, rotary viscometer, etc.

Staying ahead with Updated Ingredients

As a new ingredient is a vital part for updating the formula in makeup industry, we always keep an eye on trend setting one, do a research for formula integration, and make a benefits for you.

Work Hand-in-hand with Your Business

Our professional team of 14 formula experts never settle on our ready-made formulas in the library but still keep on researching and developing cosmetics that bring great performance and utility. Experienced consultants provide suggestions and guidance that work for your brand success and your customers’ beauty needs.

Capabilities at Your Disposal

Bring value to your brand formula with innovative abilities.

Formula Design

According to your makeup features and requirements, indepth design can be offered, including color, shades, texture, etc.

Formula Development

You are welcomed to send us a existing product and we can do a research and develop it to reach your goal.

Formula Inspection

After a new formula is created, we make a test and prove it effective and safe.

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