Quality & Safety

Guaranteed Quality at All Levels

Premium Ingredients
Clean Room
Meticulous Inspection
Aftersales Service

Premium Ingredients from Branded Suppliers

Since ingredients are the first and vital part of the whole manufacturing process, we select well-known and trusted brands in the market.

Apart from that, we evaluate our suppliers once a year with material examination and reduce the harmful risk to your reputation.

Pollution-free Room with Cleaning System

To guarantee the products meet the health and safety standards, our production workshop is built with 100,000 grade cosmetic cleaning standards.

Equipped with a water purification and dust vacuum system, it is capable of providing premium makeup products and storage ingredients free of toxins, pollutants and microbes.

Meticulous Inspection in House & A Third Party Agency

A spectrum of regular inspections are implemented in our workshop based on the features of the cosmetics products and the international standards, from ingredient evaluation to finished product.

Furthermore, we ship the makeup product to a reputable third-party agency in the market for a double check. If you have a third party institution in mind, we are welcome to it and will provide assistance with the procedure.

Aftersales Service to Guarantee the Final Steps

As a responsible manufacturer who cares about your long-term business success, we offer aftersales services to gatekeep your brand reputation. If there are some quality issues within the shelf life, we take charge of the defective products and provide you a further solution.

Partnered with Trustworty Suppliers

For there has been no compromise on product performance, we source ingredients from prestigious brands in the market.

Ingrdients & Package Test in Details

To ensure the utmost quality of ingredients, formula and makeup products, we follow strict international standards.

Microbial Test

An efficient method for determining whether the ingredients and products are free of contaminants such as materials, equipment, and operator health.

Heavy Metal Test

Remain the metal amount below a standard level for safety and avoid the risk of harming the skin.

PH Test

If the PH is too acidic or too alkaline, it can affect the performance of cosmetics and even cause irritation.

Temperature Test

Prevent PH too acidic or too alkaline from affecting the performance of cosmetics and even causing irritation.

lipstick production process

Color and Smell Test

Ensure the color reaches the premiere performance and the smell is present for use.

Compatibility Test

New formulas need to be tested for stability and whether they are compatible with the package material.

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