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At Siloran, everyone has a suiting foundation that blends with their complexion. A wide range of trendy and unique foundations available to boost your profit and brand image.

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Label Your Makeup Brand in One Stop

All-in-one private label service is capable of customizing your makeup products to your exact specifications, as well as putting your brand label on them without hassle.

Unlimited Possibilities for Your Business Target

Apart from white label services, we also provide indepth formula and package solutions that make your brand exclusive and hard to replicate.
Skin Tone
All types of skin tones are considered in the manufacturing process. Some of the
various provisions made are porcelain,ivory, sand, beige, natural, and tan.








Can not find the color you want? Customize as your requirement.
Foundations are no more the sticky, patchy, or powdery product they are commonly known as. You have a wide range of foundation
types to choose from;they can be in different forms and used for various needs.




You have an advantage over other foundation suppliers as the products feature extra values like waterproof, durability,
UV protection,matte, dewy, shimmer, and light or full coverage.


Long Lasting

UV Protection

Matte for Oil Skin

Luminizing for Dry Skin

The packaging can be made in various patterns with your logo imprint on them.
You can choose the type of material and container you want.

Pump Bottle


Bottle with Applicator

Logo Print

Various Patterns

Foundation Inspirations for Brand Like Yours

We are trusted by more than 1000 small and mega businesses that supply foundation products to make their brands stand out on the market.

Considerate Support at All Levels

Easy Quotation

Easy Quotation

Bulk quotation can be made easily with a few clicks, and within 24 hours, you will get a reply.

Free Sample

Free Sample

Once the order is placed, the cost of sample will be returned which includes shipping fee without any hidden fee.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

You enjoy all-round solutions, including ready-made branded products, white labeling, and in-depth customization.

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

The products can be returned if there is any quality defect within the shelf life.

Fast lead time

Fast lead time

Standard items can be shipped within 7 days. If you have a tight schedule, please feel free to tell us and we will find a solution after that.

Hassle-free Logistics

Hassle-free Logistics

Our clients are not bothered with how their orders will get to them. We take care of the shipment.

Launch Your Own Beauty Brand Now in Reach

Contact us and see what our experts can do for your brand

Wholesale / Bespoke Foundation for Your Business

White Label Foundation

With Siloran’s white label foundation service, you can customize your foundation line with a variety of shades and formulas that cater to your target audience. Our white label foundation products are crafted with top-notch ingredients and offer full customization to suit your brand’s needs. Contact us to learn more about our service and how it can elevate your brand’s beauty offerings.

Private Label Foundation

Siloran specialize in producing high-quality private label foundation in a clean and sustainable environment. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect foundation formula that matches your brand’s image. With a range of packages and formulas to choose from, you can customize your foundation to suit your customers’ needs. Collaborate with us and bring your brand to the next level.

Custom Foundation Product Service

Siloran provides a comprehensive custom foundation product service tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
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Customize Skin Tone Colors

We understand the importance of catering to diverse skin tones and offer a wide range of color options to match various skin tones.

various foundation form

Various Form Options

Whether you prefer liquid, powder, or cream foundation, we provide customization options to create the perfect formula for your custom foundation product.

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Customized Packaging Solutions

From pump bottles to cushion compacts to dual tubes, we offer a variety of packaging options to suit your preferences and branding guidelines.

Branding and Labeling

We offer tailored brand identity options and labeling solutions to ensure your foundation product aligns with your brand identity and fits within your budget constraints.

What is the Use of Foundation?

The main use of foundation is to even out the skin tone and create a smooth and uniform base for the rest of your makeup.
provides coverage

Provides Coverage

Foundation helps to cover up blemishes, redness, and uneven skin tone, providing a more uniform complexion. It can help to minimize the appearance of imperfections and create a flawless canvas.


Creates a Base for Makeup

Besides, foundation acts as a base for the application of other makeup products such as concealer, blush, and bronzer. It helps these products to adhere better and last longer on the skin.

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Evens Out Skin Tone

Foundation helps to create a consistent color and tone by blending any uneven areas or discoloration on the skin. It can provide a more balanced and even complexion for the users.

Enhances Longevity

Enhances Longevity

More importantly, foundation can help to extend the wear time of your makeup. It provides a barrier between your skin and other products, helping to prevent them from fading or melting off.

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Provides a Smooth Canvas

Foundation helps to create a smooth surface, allowing for more seamless and easier application of other makeup products. It can help to blur the appearance of fine lines, pores, and texture on the skin.

sun spf protection

SPF Protection

Some foundations come with added SPF (sun protection factor), offering an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays. This additional feature makes them ideal for those spending long hours outdoors.

Liquid Lipstick vs. Solid Lipstick

Cushion vs. Liquid Foundation, what is the differences and which is better.

FeatureCushion FoundationLiquid Foundation
Consistency Lightweight, airy texture soaked in a sponge cushion Liquid or creamy texture
Application Applied with a sponge or puff that is pressed onto the skin Applied with a brush, sponge, or fingertips
Coverage Usually offers light to medium buildable coverage Can range from light to full coverage, depending on the formula
Finish Often gives a natural, dewy or radiant finish Various finishes available (matte, satin, dewy) depending on the formula
Portability Compact and convenient for on-the-go touch-ups More travel-friendly options available, but typically bulkier
Sun Protection Many cushion foundations have built-in SPF protection Liquid foundations may or may not contain SPF
Usage Great for quick touch-ups or light coverage on the go Suitable for daily use with customizable coverage

FAQs on Foundation

Yes, foundations can expire. Like any other cosmetic product, foundations have a shelf life due to potential bacteria growth and a decrease in effectiveness over time. It is important to check the expiration date and replace foundations accordingly.

Foundation is unlikely to directly cause acne, but certain ingredients or formulations may be comedogenic (pore-clogging) and could potentially contribute to breakouts.

Foundation can be used as a makeshift concealer in certain situations, especially if it offers sufficient coverage. However, dedicated concealers are formulated specifically for spot coverage, color correction, or brightening under the eyes, and may provide better results for those specific needs.

Yes, you can wear under-eye concealer without foundation. In fact, many people choose to only apply concealer to brighten and conceal under-eye circles or other discoloration without using a full face of foundation. This allows for a more natural and lightweight look.

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