How to Use Mascara Properly?

Learn how to apply the mascara step by step.

1. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

2. Remove excess product from the mascara wand.

3. Apply the mascara from the base to the tips of your lashes with a zigzag motion.

4. Add more volume by applying an additional coat at the roots.

5. Lightly coat your lower lashes.

6. Use a spoolie brush to separate any clumps.

7. Allow the mascara to dry before fully opening your eyes.

applying mascara

Mascara vs. Fake Eyelashes

What is the difference between mascara vs. fake eyelashes?
CriteriaMascaraFake Eyelashes
Application Applied on natural lashes with a wand. Applied above natural lashes using adhesive.
Effect Adds volume, length, and definition to natural lashes. Dramatically enhances length and volume. Can create various styles and effects.
Natural Look Can provide a more natural-looking enhancement to lashes. Can sometimes appear more dramatic and artificial.
Longevity Lasts throughout the day but might require touch-ups. Can last all day and can be reused multiple times depending on quality.
Convenience Easy and quick to apply and remove. Requires more time and effort to apply. Removal can be a bit tricky.
Cost Generally less expensive compared to fake eyelashes. Long-term costs can vary depending on the quality and reuse of fake eyelashes.
Learning Curve Beginners can easily learn how to apply mascara. Applying fake eyelashes can require practice and skill.