A 101 Guide to Applying Mascara



A 101 Guide to Applying Mascara

Your daily makeup routine needn’t be complex. When you are pressed for time during weekdays, a handful of products can make all the difference, such as a touch of foundation, a stroke of lipstick, and naturally, a layer of mascara. Mascara’s reputation as a timeless makeup essential is no surprise because there are an abundance of top-quality formulas and techniques to choose from, ensuring limitless possibilities. Here let’s discover different kinds of mascara. You can try them from major brands, private label products, or even makeup manufacters you trust. 

Choosing the Right Mascara

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There are many types of mascara with distinctive effects. You can choose them based on personal preferences and needs, or try different mascaras to create different looks. Let me brief you on these basic mascara. 

First of all, you definitely want to change your short and stubby-looking lashes, then you can choose a lengthening mascara to extend and elongate your lashes. It works by coating each lash from base to tip, which is ideal for those who want to achieve a more dramatic, elongated lash look. 

The second favorite option for the public is a volumizing mascara, which is formulated to create thicker and fuller lashes. It adds volume to each lash, giving the appearance of more lashes overall. Its formula is usually thicker and creamier than other types of mascara, allowing it to stick to your lashes more easily. If you’re after a bold and dramatic lash look, volumizing mascara would be a great option.

The third most popular mascara is a waterproof mascara. Literally, it is a kind of mascara that is designed to resist water, sweat, or tears. It is formulated with unique polymers that create a barrier around your lashes to prevent the formula from running or smudging. With its long-lasting hold and reliable performance, waterproof mascara is a great choice for events where you need your makeup to stay put for an extended period.

In addition, if you look for some private label products with more personalized settings, you can start from the makeup manufacterer that you are familiar with. Mascara is a crucial component in the makeup manufacturing, often produced along with other cosmetic items such as foundation, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Various cosmetic companies strive to innovate new mascara formulations or brush designs to stand out in a highly competitive market. 

Step-by-step Guide

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Applying mascara comes after all kinds of eye makeup, such as eyeshadow and eyeliner, and is like a stroke of genius for your makeup. Whether you are using a lengthening, volumizing, waterproof mascara, or any other mascara, this step-by-step guide is suitable for all mascaras. Before the article getting to the point, it is worth mentioning that if the quality of the eyeshadow is ill, its powder will fall on the eyelashes, so you need to check whether your eyeshadow comes from a reliable eyeshadow manufacturer

Start at the Base of Your Lashes

Before applying mascaras, you need to use an eyelash curler to lift and curl your lashes, which help your mascara to better adhere to your eyelashes. When curling eyelashes, you can try to put the eyelash curler as close to the root of your eyelashes as possible, then press the curler and hold it for a few seconds. After that, move the curler a little outward and upward and press agains. Repeat the movement several times until you move to the end of the eyelashes so that you can make the curve you want. 

Like the primer used on a face, eye, or lip, an eyelash primer can help your mascara keep long. Moreover, it will help thicken and seperate lashes, creating an ideal base for apply mascara. Apply a layer or two of eyelash primer to both the top and bottom lashes, then wait for at least 30 seconds before applying mascara. 

Pull the Wand up to the Tips of Your Lashes

At the beginning, pull the mascara wand out of the tube. The way you pull it out should be careful because you certainly don’t want clumpy and heavy lashes. You can twist the wand when you pull it out and wipe off excess mascara on the edge of the tube. Mascara packaging shape and design are a key element in attracting potential customers and promoting the product. The makeup package design should be functional and convenient for the user, with a secure screw-on cap to prevent the mascara from drying out.

When you apply mascara, pull up the upper eyelid and hold it, look upward and place the wand at the root of your top lashes. Move the wand gently back and forth to coat the base of your lashes before pulling it towards the tips of your lashes, ensuring all lashes are evenly covered as you progress slowly to prevent clumping. Through this process, if your foundation falls off easily and sticks to your finger, you should better change a good-quality foundation manufacturer

Build Volume and Length as Desired

If you want to achieve the desired thickness and length, you can repeat the aforementioned process for additional layers of mascara. Be careful not to leave too long and let the mascara dry between coats so that your lashes won’t get fragile and weak. For some private label makeup products, they have some special designs that can make your mascara applying process easier and avoid smudges efficiently. 

Apply Mascara to Lower Lashes

When you apply the lower lashes, it is improtant to be gentle and not apply too much mascara at once. For soft and delicate lower lashes, any clumps will be apparent. To prevent clumps, you can continue using the wand to apply mascara on your lower lashes without putting it back to the tube for extra mascara. Another way is to use the tip of the wand to apply your mascara. When finishing applying mascara, you can choose a lipstick from trustworthy liquid lipstick manufacturer before going out and have a shiny day. 

Tips and Tricks

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It is always hard to cover all lashes at a time, so the first tip for applying mascara is to right your wand and gently brush the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Change the angle of the brush to diagonal and sweep downward, allowing the bristles to touch the tips of your top lashes, separating them and avoiding clumps. You can also use a lash comb to separate and define lashes and take off any excess mascara. 

Is it necessary to apply mascara to your bottom lashes? Of course yes! Applying mascara only to the top lashes will make our eye makeup unnatural and bare. Using mascara on both the upper and lower lashes can make our eyes seem bigger and brighter, creating a more lively and radiant appearance. 

Mascara sometimes may be messy or smudges onto the eyelids and the skin around the eye. To clean up any smudges or mistakes, you can dip a cotton swab into makeup remover and gently glide it over your lashes for precise correction. Ensure not to smear the surrounding eye makeup. Then you can reapply the mascara. 

Removing Mascara 

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At the end of the day, remember to remove the mascara, otherwise it may damage your lashes. Removing mascara is more difficult than removing foundation, so you need a powerful eye makeup remover. The removal process is simple. First, you need to saturate a cotton pad with the remover. Then put the pad on your closed eye. After a few seconds, wipe the makeup off your eye. 


Mascara is a common and popular cosmetic product, among which volumizing, lengthening, and waterproof mascara are the most popular. You can choose the mascara that suits you best according to your needs and preferences. Applying mascara is easy, but you need a little skill to get the best out of your makeup, enlarging and brightening your eyes naturally. Don’t forget to remove makeup at the end of the day and protect your lashes.

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