A 101 Guide: How to Do Eye Makeup?



A 101 Guide: How to Do Eye Makeup?

Eye makeup is a powerful tool that can transform your overall look and elevate your features. Whether you want to create a subtle, everyday look or a bold, glamorous appearance, understanding the basics of eye makeup application is essential.

If you’re new to the world of makeup or simply looking to enhance your skills, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to do eye makeup effectively. From prepping your eyelids to applying eyeliner, we will take you through the step-by-step process of creating beautiful eye makeup looks. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to flawless eye makeup application.

What to Do Before Applying Eye Makeup?

Preparing the eyelids

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Preparing your eyelids before applying eye makeup is essential for a flawless application and long-lasting results. Here are a few important steps to follow:

  1. Cleanse: Remove any dirt or previous makeup residue from your eyelids using a gentle eye makeup remover or mild cleanser.
  2. Moisturize: Hydrate the delicate skin of your eyelids with a light eye cream or moisturizer suitable for your skin type.
  3. Primer: Apply an eye primer to create a smooth base, even out skin tone, and enhance the vibrancy and longevity of your eyeshadow.

By cleansing, moisturizing, and applying a primer, you’ll have a smooth canvas for your eye makeup, ensuring it adheres well and lasts longer. Incorporate these steps into your routine for stunning eye makeup looks.

How to Draw Eyebrows?

draw eyebrow

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Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing and defining your eyes. Here’s how to draw eyebrows:

  1. Determine the Shape: Start by assessing your natural brow shape and deciding on the desired brow shape that complements your face. Use a spoolie brush or comb to brush your brow hairs upwards.
  2. Outline the Shape: Using an eyebrow pencil or a fine-tipped brow pen, outline the bottom edge of your brow. Start from the inner corner, following the natural shape, and define the arch and tail. Fill in any sparse areas with light, feathery strokes, mimicking the appearance of hair.
  3. Fill in the Brows: Using the same pencil or brow pen, fill in the eyebrows with small, upward strokes. Start from the inner corner and gradually work towards the tail. Adjust the pressure on the pencil or pen for a natural gradient effect, with a softer start and more defined arch and tail.
  4. Blend and Set: To create a more natural look, use a spoolie brush to blend the color and groom the brows. If necessary, use a clear or tinted brow gel to set the hairs in place and add texture.
  5. Adjusting for Different Face Shapes: Remember that different face shapes may require slight adjustments in the eyebrow shape. For example, those with a round face may benefit from slightly elongated brows, while those with an angular face may opt for softer, curved brows.

By following these steps, you can achieve well-defined and beautifully structured eyebrows that complement your eye makeup look and enhance your overall appearance. Experiment with different techniques and products to find the perfect balance that suits your face shape and personal style.

How to Apply Eyeshadow?

Apply Eyeshadow

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Applying eyeshadow is an art that can elevate your eye makeup look. Follow these steps for a well-defined and seamless eye look:

Selecting Shades

  1. Start with a transition shade, a color slightly darker than your skin tone, to blend with other shades.
  2. Choose a lid color, which can be a matte or shimmery shade that complements your eye color.
  3. For added dimension, select a darker shade for the crease to create depth and definition.

Blending and Layering

  1. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply the transition shade to the crease and blend upwards.
  2. Next, pat the lid color all over the eyelid, focusing on the mobile part of the lid.
  3. Use a smaller brush to apply the darker shade to the outer corner of the eye and blend it into the crease.
  4. Blend the edges of the shades together for a seamless transition.

How to Apply Eyeliner?

Apply eyeliner

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Eyeliner adds definition and drama to your eyes. Here’s how to apply eyelinereffectively:

Eyeliner Techniques

There are different eyeliner types to choose from, such as pencil, liquid, and gel liners. Pencil liners are great for a soft, blended look. Liquid liners provide precise and defined lines. Gel liners offer versatility and can create both soft and bold lines.

Applying to Upper and Lower Lash Lines

For the upper lash line, start at the inner corner and work your way outwards, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Use small, short strokes for a smooth line. Extend the line slightly past the outer corner to create a winged eyeliner or cat-eye look, if desired. For the lower lash line, apply the eyeliner sparingly to the outer two-thirds of the lash line for a more balanced look.

How to Apply Mascara?

Apply mascara

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Mascara enhances lashes and opens up the eyes. Follow these steps for flawless mascara application:

Applying Mascara

  1. Start by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler.
  2. Then, for the upper lashes, wiggle the mascara wand at the base of the lashes and comb it through to the tips with a slight zigzag motion. Apply additional coats as desired, allowing each coat to dry before adding more.
  3. For the lower lashes, hold the wand vertically and gently apply mascara with short strokes to prevent clumping and smudging.

Choosing the Right Mascara

Select a mascara formula that matches your desired effects.

  • Lengthening mascaras typically have tapered wands and stretch your lashes.
  • Volumizing mascaras have thicker wands and add fullness.
  • Curling mascaras often have curved wands that lift and curl the lashes. Experiment with different formulas and brushes to achieve the desired effect.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can master the art of applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, creating stunning eye makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty and express your personal style.

Tips and Tricks for Achieving Different Eye Makeup Looks

How to Achieve a Smokey Eye Makeup Look?

smokey eye makeup

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The smokey eye technique is a popular choice for creating sultry and versatile eye makeup looks. Here’s how to achieve a smokey eye:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Start by applying a neutral transition shade to the crease for depth.
  2. Then, apply a darker shade to the outer corner and blend it into the crease.
  3. Use a black or dark gray shade on the outer corner and blend it towards the center of the lid.
  4. Intensify the outer V area with a deeper shade for dimension.
  5. Blend and diffuse any harsh lines for a seamless look.

Color Selection and Intensity

Choose colors that enhance your eye color and suit your skin tone. For a classic smokey eye, opt for shades like black, gray, or deep browns. Adjust the intensity by layering and blending the shades. Start with a lighter hand and build up the color gradually to avoid overpowering the look.

How to Achieve a Cat Eye Makeup Look?

cat eye makeup

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The cat eye or winged liner is a timeless and flattering technique that elongates the eyes. Here’s how to achieve a classic cat eye:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Start by creating a thin line at the inner corner of the upper lash line, gradually thickening the line as you move towards the outer corner.
  2. Then, from the outer corner, draw a diagonal line upwards and outwards, extending it slightly beyond the outer corner for the wing.
  3. Connect the wing to the rest of the line by drawing a thin line along the upper lash line.
  4. Fill in any gaps and ensure a smooth, even line.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to creating a cat eye, using tape or a business card can be helpful. Place the tape or card at an angle following the line you want for the wing, using it as a guide to create a clean and precise line. Once the liner is applied, gently remove the tape or card for a sharp winged effect.

By following these tips and techniques, you can create both smokey eye and cat eye makeup looks that enhance your eyes and make a statement. Feel free to experiment with different shades, finishes, and added details to personalize your eye makeup style. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your eye makeup looks!


apply eye makeup

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In conclusion, mastering the art of eye makeup opens up a world of creativity and self-expression. By following this step-by-step guide and experimenting with different techniques, you can achieve stunning eye looks that suit your unique style and features. Remember to practice and have fun with it, as eye makeup is all about embracing your own individuality and enhancing your natural beauty.

Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity and have fun experimenting with different eye makeup looks. Practice, explore, and embrace your unique style to truly make your eyes shine. Get ready to turn heads and feel confident with your eye-catching makeup creations!

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