Cushion VS Liquid Foundation



Cushion VS Liquid Foundation

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Super nice makeup depends on clean base makeup. Base makeup, however, usually confuses the crowd because too many complexion products exist in the beauty industry.

We have got the liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, and BB cream for a long time. Among them, liquid foundation is the most commonly used.

In recent years, the cushion foundation has taken off. What is the difference between a liquid foundation and a cushion foundation?

Liquid Foundation

Siloran liquid foundation


What Is Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is first a kind of foundation. It is a classic product used in base makeup.

People use it to even out skin tones, cover up small blemishes on their faces, and make their faces look smoother.

It is stored in glass tubes or bottles which often come with a pump or an eye dropper.


One of the draws of the liquid foundation is that you can easily get high coverage or even full coverage with the use of it.

Thus it is highly recommended that you apply it to your face when you need to attend some important, formal parties.

Those blemishes on your face seem to disappear by using a certain amount of liquid foundation. Your skin will shine through even in the photos taken by high-definition cameras.

It is hygienic to use a liquid foundation. It decreases direct contact with hands, puffs, or sponges, which lowers the risk of bacteria breeding. Those who have sensitive skin should pay more attention to it.


Full coverage, however, is a double blessing for those pushing for a finish to perfection. It seems unnatural when you watch those wearing makeup with full coverage face to face. It may be not suitable to use a liquid foundation with the purpose of achieving full coverage in daily life.

Another disadvantage of a liquid foundation is that it is not portable enough. You need to spare extra room for a sponge or something used to dab foundation in your bags. Liquid foundation requires your own tools to extend the foundation evenly on faces. Touch is quite tricky when using liquid foundation.

Apart from preparing sponges or puffs, you will have difficulty blending the newly-applied layer with the old layer. After applying another layer, you may find that your finish is getting heavier. What is worse, the areas where you apply foundation again may look “whiter” than the rest. Also, the new layer of foundation will cover your blush and highlighter which are indispensable to a complete look.

How to Use


First, clean our faces and do skincare as usual. Try to avoid the accumulation of layers on the face. Foundation may ball up if you use heaps of primer.


Second, press the pump or eye dropper to get the desired amount of foundation. Then use your fingertips to apply it to your face. Extend the foundation outward with dapping motions using a wet sponge. A wet sponge helps a lot to make a natural finish.


Last, press loose setting powder on your face to make a flawless, matte and oil-free finish. Remember to give extra dabbing to areas which are easier to be oily.

Cushion Foundation

Siloran cushion foundation

source: Siloran

What Is Cushion Foundation

The exterior of the liquid foundation and cushion foundation may be quite different. Their formula, however, is more than similar.

In fact, the stuff in a cushion that you apply to your skin is also a liquid foundation. That is to say, a cushion foundation is a kind of foundation which is housed in a compact.

Liquid foundation tends to be thicker than cushion foundation. Being watery, the cushion foundation always goes with an applicator under which a sponge exists. Puffs are pressed into the applicator so as to soak up the foundation.


You should give priority to cushion foundation if you are after an all-hours foundation. Unlike liquid foundation, which is overwhelmingly tricky to be used outside, cushion foundation offers you a much easier way to touch up all day long. Inside the compact, a puff is already provided. Cushion foundation gains increasing popularity due to its convenience.

The cushion foundation gives you a weightless and fresh finish. The fact that the coverage of cushion foundation is from light to medium leads to natural looks. Compared with liquid foundation, which is used on formal occasions, cushion foundation is a good choice for daily makeup. It makes people think that you are born to own such fair, flawless skin.


The texture of the cushion foundation brings limitations, too.

The fact that cushion foundation is more watery than liquid foundation means that it is more likely to rub off the former foundation if you do not have good control of your strength. Light dabbing works when using a cushion foundation.

Frequent contact with fingers or puffs increases the risk of bacteria breeding. We can not guarantee that our hands or the puffs put in the compact are totally clean and sterile. Once the bacteria proliferate in the compact, the expiration date can be brought forward dramatically and you will risk being infected on the face.

Keep in mind that washing your hands before you use your hands to touch up is necessary and that cleaning your puffs regularly will do less harm to your skin.

How to Use


To begin with, clean our faces and do skincare as usual. Try to avoid the accumulation of layers on the face. Foundation may ball up if you use heaps of primer.


Next, press the pads. Open the compact, pick up the puff and press it into the applicator to soak up the foundation. Do not press with too much strength because it is hard to make the base makeup finished at one go. Be patient to handle each area and give light dabbing on your face.


Last, press loose setting powder or use setting spray on your face to make a fresh, matte, and oil-free finish. Remember to give extra dabbing to areas that are easier to be oily.

Tips on Choosing the Right Foundation

foundation on the back of hand

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Skin texture and finish we push for vary from person to person. Thus, it is not easy to find the right foundation without making comparisons. A number of factors merit consideration.

As mentioned above, a cushion foundation gives a more natural look, but it only has light or medium coverage.

For instance, if you have many blemishes on your face, such as black spots, and pimples, the coverage that cushion foundation provides maybe not be enough.

If you have flawless skin, both liquid foundation and cushion foundation will work.

Besides, different kinds of foundations may be used on various occasions.

Last but not least, what is worth mentioning here is that liquid foundation has a wider range of shades. Make sure which shade range even out your skin tone best before you buy it.

Key Takeaway

Siloran foundations

source: Honeyjarret

Liquid foundation and cushion foundation are two common products in the beauty industry. With more and more needs from girls, cosmetic companies are releasing products of all kinds to meet them.

As technology develops by leaps and bounds and people are getting edgier, we may be flooded with new products that we have never seen or known before.

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